Throwback Thursday: Scooter Day 1

This is a photo from the first day that Scooter came home with us. As you can see, he has always been a smiling happy easy-going guy. His favorite past time is lazying around and following us everywhere we go.

In case you're interested, we adopted Scooter from St. Anthony's Canine Rescue (they specialize in corgi and corgi mix rescues). This rescue organization is great and their dogs live with foster families before they find their "forever homes."

We're incredibly lucky to have Scooter. We actually almost didn't get to adopt him! He was originally adopted by another family before we could meet him in person. He spent 2 weeks with the other family before St. Anthony's decided they were a poor match for Scooter. Lucky for us he got to come live with us instead! =)

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  1. Look! I found one of Scooter's cousins giving Mario a ride!