Throwback Thursday

This is Tyler as a puppy. So small and cuddly. Awwww his ear is still floppy in this picture. They grow up so fast *tear*


Sleeping Beauty

I didn't ask him what he was dreaming about but something tells me it involved milk bones and fields of sheep to herd.


Doscorgis is Love

Cheesy heart pictures require mandatory cheesy captions.

I woofing love you man!


Friday Sploot

Zoom Zoom!

Just kidding, I think I'll lay down and sploot in the shade and refuse to walk the rest of the way home. *sigh*


Tyler zzZs

Shedding summer fur coat everywhere FAIL.
Awkward nap with eyes open WIN.


Fears and Tears - Dump Trucks

Dump Truck (continued):

Tyler: "I think that dump truck is following me..."

Usually Tyler's head is joyfully hanging out the car window but today he's reduced to a puddle of corgi fear as he hides from the rumbly dump truck noises.


Too tired to play

Somebody *ahem...Scooter* had too much fun playing fetch with his stuffed animals and over exerted himself a little bit.


Fears and Tears - Chainsaw Noises

You'd be scared too if you watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre! *shudder-woof*

Besides being petrified of all trucks and loud noises, Tyler also detests tree cutters. Usually he races out of the house and refuses to go inside but today he heard the roar of a chainsaw and dragged my butt back into the house. What a chicken.


Happy and Grumpy

Forget the 7 dwarfs from Snow White. I've found the corgi equivalent of Happy & Grumpy right here!


Doggy Dreams

Dreaming about mountains of doggy jerky treats and endless fields of yummy fruit to gorge on.


Fears and Tears - Mail Man

Another walk with Tyler cut short due to another arch nemesis: mail man truck.

What you can't see in this picture is Tyler lying on the ground refusing to move. Good thing we were close to home. I only had to drag him home for 2 blocks.


Corgi stare...

DosCorgis are major fruit lovers and just to prove a point, Scooter & Tyler will stare intensely at you eating an apple until you give then a piece (or ten).

Exhibit A:


Happy Adoption Day!

One year ago we welcomed this little 26 lb nugget of love into our family and we can't imagine a world without him.

Dear Scooter,

Thank you for showing us what unconditional love is and for being the best friend a human could have. Your little paws, snuggly cuddles and goofy face are the best. We couldn't have asked for a better dog.

Your Humans

P.S. This was the photo from the original adoption posting that won our hearts over.


Friday Funnies

We have this conversation with Tyler every day as he bangs his empty food bowl around begging for his supper before it's his dinnertime.

Source: SJ Mercury News (March 3, 2013)


Fears and Tears - Dump Trucks

Public Enemy No. 1: Dump Trucks

Returns once a week like clock work.
Makes big rumbling noises.
Size: really BIG!

What you can't hear in this picture is the sound of Tyler howling and barking in fear. He's a 29 lb corgi-scaredy-cat mix.


My little helper

...not exactly helping me read the newspaper. Oh well. At least he's cute while being annoying.


Afraid of heights

Scooter looks worried because he's afraid of heights. He barked something about having short legs and then whined about wanting to be lower to the ground.

Meanwhile, Tyler thinks he can fly. He's smart like that.


Things On My Head: Carrot

Did you know that carotenosis is when your skin turns orange from eating too many carrots?

Didn't think so.


Cuddles? Not!

Tyler isn't trying to cuddle with Scooter. He's actually trying to steal his treat by inching closer and closer to him.

Scooter's response? "Ggggrrrrrrrrrrrr-woof!"