Prison Break

Tyler's Throwback Thursday

How dare my masters lock me away in this confined space. 


Tyler's Throwback Thursdays

Running faster than the wind is so much better with a crazy side tongue.

Toe Snacks

Tyler's Throwback Thursdays

Talk about a foot fetish. Another favorite Tyler pastime.

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Tyler's Throwback Thursday

Master won't mind if I tear up this laminate floor he just made for me... And if he does mind, I'll just tell him it wasn't me.😇

Saying Goodbye

It's never easy to lose a friend and Tyler was so much more than that. Tyler prematurely passed away just over a month ago after being rushed to the doggie ER and receiving multiple rounds of epi, atropine, vasopressin and CPR. X-rays from earlier in the day were questionable but it was suggested we give nausea medicine and monitor over night. Tyler's humans are devastated and are reminded of him everywhere they go. This will not be easy. #tylersthrowbackthursdays will continue to be a tribute to him as we recognize the 4 good years he shared with us. 

Rest in Peace little pup. Mama and Papa love you.