So comfy!

Rest assured, Tyler is definitely asleep.......despite being upside down, crooked, and having one eye half open.


Food On My Paws - Carrots II

My human makes me lie here with food on my paws. They call it a "trick," I call it torture. Don't worry, I'll get them back later when I show them one of my "tricks" and pee on my humans guitar case...


Underwear Hunter

Master isn't amused when I find and chew all of the underwear and socks in the house.

But master IS impressed when I find underwear at the park!


Stink Eye

Scooter has a condition where he gives humans the stink eye when they don't throw his toys for him to chase after.

Playa's gotta play and doggies gotta fetch.


Tarp shmarp

"Oh- you mean I was supposed to sit on top of the tarp after you gave me my bath?"



Catching Some zzZs

Tyler likes to trick people by sleeping with his eyes open. Can't get anything past this guy.


Throwback Thursday

This little guy learned tricks quickly. This is a throwback picture of Tyler learning the "sit" command. Good job Ty!


No Ifs, Ands, Or Buts...

Well maybe just dos corgis butts.

These two are actually playing nice and sharing a bone.


Messy Messy Scooter

I need Cesar Millan to come over and teach Scooter how to put away his toys. Ugh. Messy corgi!!!


Throwback Thursday

Tyler sleeps with his eyes half open so it's hard to tell if he's is napping or giving me some puppy stink eye.


Waiting Patiently

Scooter always waits by the front door for his human dad to come home.
(Too bad he's at the golf range. This could take a while......)


Things On My Head: Carrots Part 2

Tyler doesn't mind balancing things on his head but Scooter haaaaaaaaaaaates it. You can't tell in the picture but he's frowning and planning to mutiny in a few seconds.


So Fresh, So Clean

This little shedmonster has been been blowing his coat all over the house. We have little tumbleweeds of corgi hair rolling around. Pleasant. Hopefully this little doggy bath will curb some of that shedding. (There sure was enough hair at the bottom of the tub to make a mini Scooter!!)