Pooped puppy

Look at that sweet face. He's a couple enemas away from poop free bliss. Scooter has been having a little trouble in the *ahem* bathroom department. So much so that he could be the new poster child for doggy constipation. I don't want any more expensive vet bills so I'm thinking of spiking his food with some canned pumpkin (Google told me it helps so it must be true).


Jokes jokes

What Corgi has its own sweater when it is cold?





Our darling little Scooter was acting funny this week (unable to walk down the street or jump on the couch, no desire to play fetch, whining when we pet him) so we took him to the vet. $421 later, the diagnosis is "extreme constipation." That's a lot of money for a dog filled with crap. Somebody sure is happy after their doggy enema.

Dusty Sploot

Dear Human,

You thought a fresh shower would stop me from splooting in the dirt? Think again!



In Your Face!

Dear Human,
Please turn off the TV and come play with me!

With that face, how can I say "no"???


Rainy Days

"What?! You mean I wasn't supposed to roll around in the mud?"


Hide and Seek

If I can't see you, you can't see me.

I'm pretty sure I saw something edible underneath the dresser. Oh well. If not, I'll still eat it anyways!



When Tyler was a young pup he didn't know how to go up/down the stairs and we could leave him upstairs unattended while we did human things around the house (make dinner, do the laundry, wash the stuff).

This worked out great until he learned how to sit at the foot of the stairs and howl and howl and howl for no apparent reason.

"Master come get me! I'm too short to go down the stairs!"


Things On My Head: Strawberry

Did you know that one cup of strawberries contains approximately 45 kilo calories and is an excellent source of vitamin C and flavonoids?

I think you should give me the whole pallet of strawberries since it's so good for me (even if it will give me doggy diarrhea for the rest of the day).



- Lightning McQueen -

Tyler loves to be outdoors and that's great except for when he runs out the front door and thinks it's fun to run 10 yards in front of you every time you inch in his direction. In reality, it's raining, your "cute corgi" keeps jumping in the puddles and you are late for work. Oh well, who needs to go to work anyway?


Jokes jokes

What do you call a Corgi who is out of cash?





The difference between a cat nap and a corgi nap - I make this look good.


A Dog's Life

Someone once said, "When life knocks me down, instead of getting back up, I just lie there and take a nap."

This is Tyler (literally) knocked down.


Things On My Head: Tin Box

Humans - There's no treats in that tin box. Hahahaha.

Tyler - The joke is on my humans. After I balance this box on my head I'm going to eat one of their flip flops.


Club Foot

Somebody got too excited eating their greenie treat and ended up breaking a nail. When his master came home they found a sad limping doggy and it cost his humans $150 at the vet. He got a - nail trim, antibiotics, pain killers, and paw bandage.

Lesson learned - no more unsupervised greenies for you!


Things On My Head: Apple

Wouldn't it be better if you made apple pies instead of sticking apple slices on my forehead?
Go ahead and start baking. I'll be waiting.


Extreme Splooting

sploot - verb
When a corgi lays flat on its belly with his/her legs spread out.


Backyard Sploot

I know you told me to come inside 10 times already but I just felt like laying down next to a pile of old leaves. I'm considerate like that.

P.S. You can try to take me inside the house but I run faster than you. Sucker.